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Our Story

ClinicInfo’s story starts in September 2012 when Dr. Andy Thompson, a rheumatologist practicing in London, ON, realized there had to be a better way to reach his patients. He had been watching his medical office assistant, Amy, leave voicemail after voicemail, and began noting how many calls it took to deliver a single message.

Several months later in June 2013, Andy met up for coffee with his developer friend Kevin Firko, whose Toronto-based team at Bitcurve builds web and mobile apps. Andy shared his thoughts on a napkin and the two got excited. They pulled out their notes and started hashing out a plan for a platform that would eventually be named ClinicInfo.


Andy, Kevin, and his team worked together to build a bare-bones version of ClinicInfo, known as a minimum viable product, to test out the concept in Andy’s clinic. They knew they needed to build something that would be loved by office staff and patients alike, and that had to make his clinic more efficient.


The very first ClinicInfo Message was sent on September 26, 2013, to tell a 76 year old patient about an upcoming MRI appointment. The patient responded to its notification, read the message, and shared positive feedback. The system worked!

Andy's staff loved ClinicInfo. As Andy continued to invite his patients, enthusiastic reviews continued to pour in.


ClinicInfo was further developed to the point that Andy and Kevin were confident that it could be introduced to any clinic environment and improve its efficiency and standard of care.

Andy invited a dozen of his doctor friends to try out the service in a closed trial. They jumped aboard and had soon enrolled thousands of patients and tens of thousands of Messages. Patients who had heard about the service started asking for invitations.


ClinicInfo continued to evolve in an iterative fashion. Real-world clinical experience helped identify new needs, and growth presented the team with new design and technical challenges to overcome.

Throughout everything, the team remained focused on building a solution that is always easy and fast to use, one that will always save clinics time, no matter what new features get added, or how sophisticated things can get behind-the-scenes.

Welcome To ClinicInfo

Today’s ClinicInfo is a smooth, well-oiled machine: it is the better way to contact patients.

Our service is now available to clinics everywhere. Everyone that we welcome aboard benefits from years of careful planning, tuning, and hard work. We continue to evolve the platform as we grow, and always pay close attention to the needs of our users.

We hope you like it and find it as useful as to your practice as we have.

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