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ClinicInfo is a physician-developed service for your clinic to send messages to patients in a way that improves efficiency and standardizes patient care while assuring privacy and security.

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Illustration of a smiling doctor giving thumbs up
Illustration of a smiling doctor giving thumbs up
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ClinicInfo is easy to use. It allows you to quickly create Messages and automates their delivery. Your clinic will be more efficient and you will be able to offer better care for your patients.

ClinicInfo has evolved out of years of development. It is designed based on real-world experience with the service: we use it everyday.

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"A lot of tools claim they will save you time. ClinicInfo WILL save you time - REALLY!"

Dr. Andy Thompson, Rheumatologist. London, ON

Practice Efficiency

Automate your Practice

ClinicInfo uses an automated process to notify patients of new unread Messages via their choice of email or text messages.

Rapid Authoring

Rapidly create Messages through an efficient interface that eliminates the need to input redundant and frequently repeated information.

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Reduce your Phone Calls

ClinicInfo does a great job at delivering Messages. This will result in significantly fewer phone calls for you and your staff.

Standardize your Care

Ingenious and fully customizable Message Templates enable your clinic to deliver a consistently high standard of care and enhance patient safety through practice standardization.

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Operational Efficiency

Patients on ClinicInfo are more likely to show up on time and properly prepared for tests and procedures. Improve their care while reducing late/no-shows and waste due to inadequate preparation.

Fast and Reliable

Enjoy a "set and forget" experience when sending a new Message. Everyone in your clinic is on the same page and can check the delivery status of any Message in real-time.

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"Changing a whole day's clinic used to take hours and now it takes minutes"

Amy D., Medical Office Assistant

Patient Care

Improved Care and Safety

ClinicInfo enables your care team to communicate important information and instructions completely, accurately, and consistently. Each patient's Message History is an enduring reference that cannot be lost like a brochure or sheet of paper.

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Better Patient Communication

ClinicInfo tracks Messages and assures delivery to give peace of mind to healthcare practitioners and patients alike. See when Messages are created, and when they are delivered.

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Patients love ClinicInfo

Patients love ClinicInfo because they receive information from their doctor in a timely manner in a way that's easier and more convenient for them.

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"Once a new message is in ClinicInfo I appreciate knowing that it will be taken care of."

Dr. Pari Basharat, Rheumatologist, London ON

Privacy & Medicolegal

Medicolegal Benefits

ClinicInfo helps protect clinics from the legal risks associated with engaging in email communication with patients.

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Safer Digital Patient Communication

Emails, texts, and voicemails do not confirm if a patient actually received the message.

Most methods of communication are insecure, unreliable, and do not adequately protect patient privacy.

ClinicInfo handles cases where patients change their email address or phone numbers in a way that protects privacy.

Digital Paper Trail

Your clinic's Message History is a digital paper trail that includes an explicit confirmation when Messages were successfully delivered to the patient.

More Privacy Less Liability

ClinicInfo's email and text notifications are generic to protect privacy. Messages are only delivered over an encrypted channel after patients authenticate themselves.

"Secure messaging of personal health information is a strong recommendation and in some cases a requirement under privacy legislation."

Patrick J. Ceresia, MD
Chief Privacy Officer/Managing Director eHealthCanadian Medical Protective Association


Safer Communications

ClinicInfo is designed to put patient privacy first and uses encryption to keep data secure.

ClinicInfo uses high-level encryption (SSL/TLS1.2, strong ciphers and key exchange, minimum 2048-bit key length) to protect patient and clinic data transmitted to and from our secured network.

ClinicInfo's data is transmitted from and stored at rest in Canada, where it is protected by strong privacy legislation at federal and provincial levels.

Our policy is to protect our users' ownership of their own data. Clinics can access their records without restriction.


  • Save time at a value price
  • Unlimited accounts for your happier staff and patients
  • Send unlimited messages a month (up to very large clinics)
  • Start for free. No credit card required. Try it until you like it.
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Trial Plan

We want you to be comfortable with our service and ensure that it improves your practice's care and efficiency. We will get in touch after you send your first few messages to check in and help you get started. Most clinics realize the time-saving value of ClinicInfo long before their 100th Message, so that's where we've set our trial limit. We're happy to offer a few more to new regular users if they feel they need it.

The $50/mo fee applies to continue to send new Messages. This tier is sufficient for the majority of clinics to send unlimited Messages within the context of their practice.

Large clinics

Larger clinics with multiple physicians send over 250 messages per month. Incremental fees of $5 per additional 250 Messages apply to help cover our email infrastructure and text messaging fees, up to 500 Messages per month.

Very large clinics, healthcare networks, or multi-site healthcare service providers may contact us to inquire about specialized service plans, customization, and integration with other software solutions and IT systems.

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Learn how ClinicInfo works and how easy it is to get started. You'll be sending Messages and saving, in no time!

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ClinicInfo is developed by physicians. We use it every day in our own clinics to save time and improve care.

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